Wrapped heads

We have deviated from Ultimo slightly, and crossed the train tracks to have a giggle at an urban scene on Chalmers Street, Central Station. Do you remember how next to the Devonshire exit there’s a set of busts (bronze heads) dedicated to 12 Latin American leaders? Strange, but true. Latin American Square in Sydney. The “square” was unveiled in 1989, and is a tribute to 12 19th century explorers, leaders and heroes from Latin America. Also, oddly, one of the people commemorated here is not Latin American — Jose Rizal, a Filipino hero and polymath? 

At various times in the past, the heads have been stolen, vandalised, decorated, and the like. Hard to keep a thing like that in ship-shape in this city. 

But we got quite a giggle yesterday when we wandered past — due to construction work at Central Station, the busts have been wrapped up in plastic and padding, to protect them from any damage that could be caused during construction. It looks really quite surreal, and a little disturbing. (The plastic-bag-ness of it all is every parent’s worst nightmare.) 

You can see some of them in the background of the construction work here: